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National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office
RADM Samuel Cox, USN
National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office
DHS Executive Agent for Maritime Domain Awareness
F.R. "Joe" Call III, SES
DHS Executive Agent for Maritime Domain Awareness
Executive Secretariat for Intelligence, Maritime Domain Awareness and Information Sharing
CAPT Curtis Dubay P.E., USCG (Ret)
Executive Secretariat for Intelligence, Maritime Domain Awareness and Information Sharing
U.S. Coast Guard
CAPT Douglas Fears
Chief, Office of Law Enforcement
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard
CAPT Kevin Kiefer
Commander, Sector Baltimore
U.S. Coast Guard

11th Annual Maritime Homeland Security Summit

The Latest in Maritime Domain Awareness and Security

An essential attribute of any nation is its ability to protect its citizens and to maintain sovereign control of its land, air, and sea borders. Defending the United States against its enemies is the first priority and number one commitment of the Federal Government. In the maritime domain, this means exerting and safeguarding sovereignty in the nation’s internal waters, ports and waterways, and littorals, as well as protecting vital national interests on the high seas.

“Our dedicated Coast Guard men and women are working hard every day to protect our Nation’s interests. We are overseas, we are on the high seas, we are on our nation’s waters, we are in our nation’s ports and waterways, manning our operations centers and working with local agencies and industry so we can help keep our nation secure.”
-Master Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard Michael Leavitt

Today, the U.S. is faced with non-traditional challenges and irregular opponents who work in the shadows and choose not to fight on the battlefields of the past. They choose to exploit our weaknesses in defense and homeland security, of which the maritime domain plays an enormous role. Various government agencies have chosen to work together to exchange information, share vital resources, and define the way forward to strengthen Maritime Homeland Security.

IDGA’s 11th Annual Maritime Homeland Security Summit will bring together all relevant stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues facing the maritime community, from efforts to build new partnerships to modernizing security capabilities. Departmental policy makers, uniformed service leaders, law enforcement and industry partners will gather in Baltimore to network, share best practices and explore potential paths to fortify United States maritime security.

Maritime Homeland Security Summit will look at:

  • New capabilities and technologies for maritime surveillance, safety, and security
  • Key issues specific to policies and procedures that support maritime domain awareness
  • Best practices for coordinated maritime security integration and information sharing
  • The increasing role of the U.S. Navy, Customs and Border Protection, and local law enforcement in maritime homeland security
  • Current and future requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard

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